Top 5 Common Home Design Mistakes to Avoid

Top 5 Common Home Design Mistakes to Avoid

Newly Designed Modern Home Interior Some mistakes are good. You can learn from them, and sometimes they reveal things you might not have seen before. However, if there’s one mistake you don’t want to make, it’s a mistake on something that is going to be surrounding you, in your home, for a very long time. We’ve got the top 5 home design mistakes listed here so you can be confident in your design choices and happy with the results for as long as you live in your home.

Common Mistakes in Home Design That You Can Prevent

It can be too easy to fall into bad home design trends or to make costly mistakes simply because you don’t know what actually works or looks the best. Even if you are working with a designer, you should be sure to take the following common mistakes into consideration before designing your home.  

1. Incorrect Distribution of Storage Space

Oversized walk-in closets are a key example of wasted storage space. There are plenty of great, creative ways to make and utilize unused space in a home for storage, but having too much storage can be just as bad as having not enough. Make the most of every square foot.

2. Not Enough Circulation

It can be very easy to stay so focused on the aesthetics of home design that you forget about the most important design elements: those that contribute to a healthier, more comfortable home. Taking air circulation into consideration should be a top priority when designing your new home.

3. Lack of Natural Light

Similarly, too many homes do not take advantage of the positioning of the house in relation to sunlight. Utilizing natural light is the all-important design choice that can make the difference between a welcoming, comfortable, beautiful home and a home that feels stark, sterile, or forced.

4. Too Much Space – Bigger Isn’t Always Better

A trend that has stuck around for quite some time is the idea that the bigger your home is, the better it will be. However, this idea can often lead to misused space and lower quality design elements. It is much better to focus on the smaller, higher quality pieces of your home than creating a massive amount of space that you have to fill with lower quality items.

5. Timid Home Design Choices

A common trap to fall into is being too timid about your home design choices. Chances are, you know what you like and, at the very least, how you want your home to feel. Stay confident in your preferences while listening to an expert about how to implement your design choices in the best way.

Keeping these tips in mind, remember that not all trends are mistakes–there are some good home design trends too! Communicate openly with your design build team to make sure you understand the difference. With a little help, you will be able to combine the best practices for home design with your own personal preferences and end up with a house that suits your needs perfectly.


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