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“I find myself constantly referring to Shade House Development's projects. They're such great examples of successful design contributing to the larger fabric of a city. One great project after the next!”

— Lindsey Stewart Architecture + Interiors, Houzz

“Usually architects and builders are great at providing only aspect of the designing process, but Matt is very unusual in that he brings much more to the table. As an interior decorator, I am well aware of how rare it is to find a someone who speaks both languages. Matt also has an elegant and purist design sense as well as being a great builder. It is such a joy to be able to work with somebody who enjoys being creative and understands the building process.”

— Jenny M.

“We truly enjoyed our experience building with Matt and Tina. If I had to choose a word to describe them and their work it would be integrity. My wife and I have been through the process before and were very determined to get it right this time. I can’t tell you how easy it was dealing with the same person from the start of the design to the the completion of the last detail. They are very passionate about their work, and their work is amazing.”

— Alex I.

“I would like to thank you for making our dream home a reality. We have a number of friends who have built custom homes and have had poor results with the finished product and a bad relationship with their builder. I am happy to say that the process of building our home was not only a pleasant one but also a lesson in architecture and style. We appreciate the precision, craftsmanship and sheer amount of thought that you put in to our home. We love coming home to it every single day. We never thought we would live in a house as fine as the one you built us. Thank you.”

— Wesley C.

“Thank you guys for an amazing job on our home. For us it was sad to have to leave it but such a relief to be able to sell it and not only break even but make a nice profit. Talking with my realtor and friends, I know this is not always the case. We really believe it was in no small part due to your design and guidance as well as the high quality of the home you built us. It goes without saying if we move back to Houston we wouldn’t consider using anyone else to build a home with. Thanks for everything.”

— Dennis & Cindi E.