Choosing a Patio Shade

Just picture this for a moment. One morning you wake up feeling the warm rays of the morning sun on your face. You have decided to go out to your patio deck and sunbathe while sipping a glass of juice and reading a book or a newspaper.

That was heaven for you for the first twenty minutes until the sun really got hotter that it was almost unbearable. However, you would still loved to stay outdoor doing such a relaxing thing, if only you could block out the sun from your patio.

Well, unless you have an umbrella or a tent, which may look ridiculous in some patios, the best solution for such an event is to have a patio shade installed in your house.

There are so many materials that you can choose to have as your shade. These can be made of lattice, wood, metal, concrete, or even vinyl. While other materials are certainly more durable and have better chances of standing against harsh weather, such as a metal shade compared to a vinyl one, it really depends on a lot of things when you finally choose the right material for your patio.

Here are a few reminders that you can use before you have a patio shade set up in your house.

1. Does it rain or snow a lot in your area?

If yes, then a metal or concrete shade can be a better choice for your shade construction. It’s durable, certainly will last for many years to come, and will require less maintenance or even replacement. The only drawback is that it will usually cost a lot more.

2. Do you get a lot of sunlight the whole year?

If you are living in the lower east coast of the country, then chances are you are blessed with warm sunlight all year round. This is a great place where you can have a table or any furniture out in the patio so you could sit or lie down in the sun anytime you want. A good shade material for this location would be a vinyl type. It is easier to set up on your patio and is very light, which will beautifully complement the sun and breeze that you are always enjoying in your house.

3. Consider the model or construction of your house.

If your house is made of all concrete, then a concrete shade would be a good choice. A metal one is also nice as metal always fits with concrete. Likewise, if you have a wooden house, a wooden shade would be a great addition to your patio.

There are many choices for materials, designs and styles should you want to put up a shade over your patio. It is always a good idea to have one so you can ensure yourself with uninterrupted time in that favorite place in your house.

Patios are not just lovely to look at, as obviously it serves a very good purpose especially for relaxation. Just use a little bit of your own creativity and you can have the grandest shade in your neighborhood.

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